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Examples of “diligent”

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

It is important for clinicians to be diligent and precise when investigating causes of obesity, as treatment varies among disorders.
Children with good executive function skills are diligent, well organized, disciplined in completing tasks, and strategic in their approach to resolving problems.
The question is whether anyone should care how diligentBasket Hommes black Marron Red Unvrsty sl De ball Chaussures Rd Nike Rouge unvrsty waqUSFt these officials really are.
The generous coverage appears thanks to a diligent spectator who recorded his impressions and sent them to the newspaper.
What is required is to make a ' diligent culture of himself ', asking himself the reason why things have gone either right or wrong.
She should be a skilful and diligent household manager, responsible for methodical organization, cleanliness, tidiness and frugal budgeting.
The more early and diligent the search, the more likely are the defects to be detected by echocardiography prior to spontaneous closure.
Here the central tragic theme is the muchlamented metamorphosis of the seventeenth-century business woman or diligent housekeeper into the nineteenth-century parasite.
He was the most diligent investigator of the peculiar, and the most exalted philosopher.
It was the hard-working, entrepreneurial, charitable middling townsman, and his equally diligent wife; the characters who now, quite self-consciously, occupied this typical urban middling order.
The processes of urbanization, local politics and strategies of social control have been charted through detailed and diligent empirical work.
This biography is very well researched, and the authors have been extremely diligent in unearthing many previously obscure facts about their subject.
Despite a diligent search no peridotite or other deepseated xenoliths have been encountered.
The calligraphy translates as: ' diligent, rigorous, practical and realistic, and creative'.
My swimming pupil is diligent and actually succeeds in conquering a few yards on her own.